Pricing Plans

Directory Listing Packages - Monthly

Package Features Complimentary Listing Listing Essential Listing Ultimate
Price FREE $10 Monthly $20 Monthly
Free Trial Period Always Free 1 Month 1 Month
Payment Schedule No Payments Monthly Monthly
Cancel Anytime
Unlimited Edits
Included in Randomized Featured Listings Pool
Profile 100 character limit 500 character limit 1500 character limit
Contact Information
Map Location
Business Hours
Website Link
Social Media Links
Image Gallery 5 Image Limit 10 Image Limit
Show Special Offers & Deals
Show Delivery & Contactless Options
Categories Limit 1 3 5
Tags Limit 1 5 10

Due to the non-committal nature of the monthly Directory Listing packages, they are not eligible for refunds.

To cancel a subscription and stop future automated payments from being taken, please be sure to cancel your subscription in the My Account page. Deleting a listing related to a monthly package will not result in a refund, cancellation of the subscription, or cessation of subsequent automated monthly payments. 

Extended Directory Listing Packages

Package Features Listing Essential
6 Months
Listing Essential
12 Months
Listing Ultimate
3 Months
Listing Ultimate
6 Months
Listing Ultimate
12 Months
Price $50 $85 $45 $80 $150
Payment Schedule Payment in full at the beginning of the term of the package.
Listing Features Same as Listing Essential monthly package, except price, free trial period, payment schedule, and cancellation. Same as Listing Ultimate monthly package, except price, free trial period, payment schedule, and cancellation.

Extended Directory Listing packages are eligible for a full refund within 3 days of the original purchase date. After the 3 day refund window, no refund requests will be accepted and no refunds will be issued, neither partial nor in full. To request a refund, please contact upMarket by selecting Contact in the footer of the webpage within 3 days of the original purchase date. The related listing will be deleted once the refund is issued.

Registered Charities

Package Type Price
Listing Ultimate FREE

Selling Package

Seller Ultimate


  • 1 Month free

  • 25 Active product listings at once

  • Auction product listings

  • Unlimited product changes

  • Storefront

  • Website link

  • Social media links

  • Contact information

  • Business hours

  • Location

  • Biography text block

  • Video biography

*upMarket uses Stripe for all credit card processing transactions to ensure information security. Stripe charges a credit card processing fee of 2.9% +$0.30 on each sale. Stripe will deduct these fees from the Seller’s sales amount before the funds are deposited in the Seller’s bank account. The credit card processing fee charged by Stripe is in addition to the monthly fee of $25 for the Seller Ultimate package. The Stripe credit card processing fee is incurred on all sales made through upMarket, even if the upMarket package cost has been waived, and is always the sole responsibility of the Seller.

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