upMarket is the new online marketplace built for the bright future of local business and the community

There are two main ways for local businesses to benefit from upMarket:


Sell products directly on upMarket through an online storefront with loads of great features, including auction capability, tons of reporting, real-time sales tracking, and full e-commerce powered by Stripe Canada.


Set up a storefront on upMarket and include a link to an existing e-commerce website. Ideal for businesses that already have e-commerce capability and would prefer to sell on their own website, but would like to be part the upMarket community.

To sell products using the upMarket platform, the fee structure is very simple…

There is a one-time initial fee of $30 to cover registration on the site (FYI…if you don’t want to pay this fee, and you ask really nicely, the upMarket Admin will probably waive it because we’re so excited for you to try our brand new website!)

Other than that, fees are based on your sales, which means that you will never have to pay out-of-pocket to use upMarket. When you start making sales and earning money through the site (congratulations!), these fees will automatically be deducted from your earnings by Stripe before they issue your funds to you. So, no administrative work on your part to pay the fees either. 

The sales-based fee structure is straightforward:

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction Stripe fee for credit card processing, plus an additional 3% commission on sales. So, if you make a single sale for $150, the total fee would be $9.15 and you would receive  $140.85.

To set up a storefront with a link to your own e-commerce site, there is a monthly fee of $50 3 month free trial period so you can test the waters and discover how much you love being a part of the upMarket community! If you decide that you want to sell products directly on upMarket, your plan can be switched, or a hybrid solution can be created, depending on your individual needs.

AUCTION capability is available to all businesses and charities in the upMarket community!

The upMarket platform offers loads of functionality, including auction capability, and will be expanding to include additional features in the very near future. The auction functionality is a great tool to clear excess or older inventory that you would like to move, to use for fundraising, to drive a promotion, or even to generate buzz around current stock.

An upMarket account can be set up using the green user icon to the left (above for mobile users).

For any businesses who would like additional set-up and/or usage information before, during, or after setting up a Vendor account, please feel free to contact upMarket Admin using the Contact option in the footer of this screen.

After registering as a Vendor, please visit the Vendor Dashboard/Settings tab to set up your listing in The Community.

Customer accounts are always free, but they are required to make purchases on upMarket. 

Although the website is just being launched, upMarket Admin has plans for the near future to make upMarket even better. Please use the Contact option in the footer of this screen to tell us what you think about upMarket and what you would like to see it do for you. 

Let’s shape the future of our province’s local business landscape together.

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